Let's build MORE playground!

This is where we’re at:


This is where we could be with your help!


We can do it!

Thanks to all the generous individuals and companies that donated to Phase I of our playground build, our kids have been swinging, climbing, balancing, and playing tetherball during recess, phys-ed class, and school-wide events.

This has been great, but our kids have let us know that they would love to see more equipment, especially swings and tetherballs. To add this equipment, we’re fundraising toward the purchase of additional items we weren’t able to purchase last year plus more of the equipment the kids have requested.

We need at least another $30,000 to complete the playground build. Will you help us complete our playground by making a donation to fund our Phase 2 build? Donations of any amount are appreciated and can be made by:

  • Check to the Cherokee PTO with the words “playground fund” in the memo line. This is the preferred method of donation because there are no processing fees for checks. Drop your check off at the main office, or send to: CHMS PTO, Box 5587, Madison WI 53705.

  • Online donations. Donations go directly to the playground fund.

Cherokee Heights PTO has 501(c)3 non-profit status and donations are tax-deductible. We will acknowledge all donations.

There will be many other opportunities to get involved as well! Stay tuned for more ways to help this effort.

On behalf of Cherokee Heights Middle School students and the PTO Playground Committee, thank you for all you do for our Cherokee community.